question about how to block

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  1. I just read the zero feedback post and even though I felt okay about the transaction I just did with a 0 feedback person, I now want to change my preferences to not accepting 0 feedback do I do that? I went onto my ebay and couldn't figure it out...also, is there a way to check to see if the person who purchased the bag I sold with 0 feedback ever had other user names or anything else?
  2. You can't block 0 feedback buyers. You can specify in your listing that they should contact you before bidding but they can still bid. If it is not a winning bid, you cancel the bid and block. The best way to control your buyers is to set a slightly higher than expected BIN with a best offer option.

    You can check your buyer's ID history but I don't think there is any way of knowing if she has had other eBay accounts. I noticed in your other post that you had some back and forth communication with your buyer and that it felt fine. And it probably will be fine.
  3. Thank you! She has been gracious and lovely and I feel good about it! That other thread just scared me a bit....

  4. Threads & posts are meant to give insight & info that can be useful.

    You had a good exchange with your buyer & that made the difference.

    If you have a chance look at this thread: (in the ebay forum)

    Zero feedback buyer- what would you do?
  5. Don't let it scare you. There are some good 0 feedback buyers out there. I have dealt with those kinds of buyers in the past and all of them have been very honest. Good luck with your sale!
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