Question about Horsebit Flap.

  1. Please excuse my ignorance, I'm not familiar with Gucci at all and I'm not even sure what horsebit is but I was just wondering if this bag smells very strongly of leather (I'm assuming thats the material). :shame: :Push:
  2. lol Okay well I'll just take no one answering as a yes.
  3. lol...
    sorry I don't have an answer for you. But just wanna drop in so you don't feel like ppl are ignoring your threads....
  4. hmm.. i have all leather gucci's and the leather doest smell strong at all :smile:
  5. i think ( I will say ::think:: again, because i'm not 100% sure :blink: ) horsebit is taking about the handle of this certain Gucci bag that is made and one of the styles i really want:love: .....the meduim in beige! to me it looks like the horsebit we used to use on our horses!!
    please excuse me if i'm wrong Gucci lovers :shame: .
    i have a drawstring bag from Gucci ( :heart: it sooo much ) and it's not leather. but i wouldn't think the leather does have a super strong smell. if you ever do get a Gucci bag, you'll love it.

    hope this helps some :flowers:
  6. geez... i feel dumb now, i saw there was alot of Horsebit Gucci bags. the bag i was talking about for the horsebit handle is this one