Question about Holt Renfrew

  1. First I want to say sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section. :sweatdrop: (sorry mods).

    Since its a new year and I would love to know when the Holt's sale happens in 2008. Does anyone know? :shame:

    I have a purse in mind and the perfect accessory that I would like to use any possible gift card or whatever exactly they give to you. :yes:
  2. I see that you live where I live! Lol sorry I can't help you! I'm not a sales girl, I tend to avoid them lol!

    Why don't you call and ask about what time of the year it happens? Or if you have a SA you see all the time? Last year when I was at Dior they told me that they were doing this giftcard thing...It was around september because I just got back from maybe september again? And some other time?
  3. They announce them a few days/weeks in advance, but I don't think they have any planned for the near future. The sales are usually separate from the gift card promotions. You could sign up for their email list, or if you have the Holt's Amex, that will always let you know.
  4. My Holt's is the same as yours and so far I haven't heard anything. Hopefully I get invited again next time! :sweatdrop:
  5. Does anyone know when the next PSN will be?
  6. Sometime in March.. I'll prolly start a thread about LVs that people are thinking of picking up. :graucho:

    I think a better place for this thread would be deals and steals.