question about hollister

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  1. does hollister usually run true to size (is xs really xs)

    also what's this with all the hollister clothes looking like abercrombie clothes?
  2. hollister is owned by abercrombie so that's why they look so similar.
    and no, the sizing is for teens so everything will be smaller than adult sizes. hope that helps you!
  3. so everything really runs smaller?

    thanks a million!
  4. also, if i wear a xsp from gap, will abercrombie's/hollister's clothes fit me or will they be too big?
  5. i definitely think so, hollister is aimed at a young demographic so the clothes are designed to fit pre-teen to teens. which means less room in the bust and hips, and sizes that run smaller than your average adult brand (smaller than the sizes at their parent store a&f, though that's not really an "adult" brand either lol)
  6. hmm i'm not too familiar with gap sizes but my guess is if you're an xs at gap, you'll def fit into the clothes at a&f/hollister but maybe just not an xs, maybe small.
  7. thanks! (xsp is a tad smaller than xs, so i guess they'd fit!)
  8. Most of my wardrobe is Hollister and only the tees are pretty much TTS.

    The tanks are a lot tinier, and the bottoms are DEFINITELY a lot tinier...especially the jeans. I had to go a size up. Sweaters are also a bit tight, but tend to stretch out and sweatshirts are TTS for the most part.
  9. I'm an XS in Abercrombie and an S or sometimes M in Hollister. I think it's because I'm a C cup and Hollister clothes are cut smaller in the bust whereas Abercrombie gives you a little more boob room.
  10. Hollister runs really tiny! I usually wear XS or S and the Hollister shirts I own are S or M. It's a pity I can only get Hollister clothes if they're in America Today's new collection though... I love Hollister!
  11. i never really fit the hollister demographic, but i do have a few items and i agree, runs a bit small. abercrombie also owns rhuel, which i love too. plus their logo is a frenchie :love:
  12. I am a size sm but my one tee from Hollister is a large and it's still tight. Definitely not designed to accommodate ANY boobs.
  13. Haha so true that they arent designed for anyone with breast. Thank goodness mine are small! haha ;[

    But Hollister does run small. I think Gap sizes are defintely a bit bigger. Depending on your body size. Im a XS in Hollister, but a XS in Gap looks like a S on me.

    But like the others have said the best comparison is Abercrombie. You should definitely try it on before buying, but if you are going to buy blind.. I would suggest getting a S if you think you are a XS... because everything will shrink in the wash... and you want to be able to give yourself some breathing room. You dont want it to turn out too small and look like you were shopping at baby gap.
  14. True! I use a Abercrombie tee for gymnastics and my boobs get totally squeezed :shocked:
  15. I buy most of my son's clothes from Hollister. I usually go up a size in sweatshirts. The T shirts fit him fine. I have bought my daughter some nice things but the sizes are so small. She would normally be a XS/S but I have gone up to Medium in Hollister. I do better in Abercrombie for her.