Question about Hobo Bag!!

  1. Does anyone know if the hobo (not day) comes in regular hardware? Everywhere I've looked, I only find it with giant hardware. Is the style new this season? I fell in love with it today when I tried it on at the store, but I want one w/regular hardware. I'd appreciate any insight- thanks!
  2. I believe (??) that it is new and only comes in GH.
  3. I really want the hobo in RH as well. They dont make them but I wish they did!
  4. hmwe46 - You're right...only in GH. I am waiting on my violet hobo with SGH. It is somewhere between here and NY. The hobos aren't hardware laden like the city style, so the GH really isn't too "in your face" :boxing:.
  5. hi there I am a Seattel Bbag gal too and I am waiting on a hobo with GGH in violet when did BALNY call you?
  6. It's my understanding that the hobo only comes with GH. I don't know if they are planning on changing that in future seasons, but that is where it stands for the current season. Have you looked at the day? It is a hobo style that fits well on the shoulder and comes with RH.
  7. Thanks everyone! At least now I know to stop searching for a hobo with RH, since it's a futile search! I have looked at the day, and I prefer the hobo because I love the rounded shape, and it's not as deep as the day so I don't have to dig for my stuff. But thanks for the suggestion Tibu!
  8. Definately only Gh
  9. We should write Balenciaga and ask them to make a RH hobo!!