Question about Hermes Scarves...PLEASE HELP!

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  1. #1 Oct 17, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2010
    Hello all! I am new to the Hermes sub-forum:yahoo: loll My question to all you H experts is...when do the H stores stop carrying a good selection of their seasonal scarves?

    I was in Europe this summer and was looking for L'ombrelle du Magique in the pink colour and the Timbalier in the royal blue, but none of them had them in stock. I was waiting to pay off my CC and save up a little specifically for the L'ombrelle Magique one and probably purchase it after new years, if my DBF could not locate it in Prague in December.

    Would you wait this long to get them, specifically the L'ombrelle Magique in the colour I want, or would you try to get them within the month?

    Thank you so much all and I hope someone has some opinions!:smile:
  2. This is very good question but IME difficult to answer

    There are popular cws of scarves that sell out locally (sometimes even WW) and it's a fight to get one from anywhere. This 'challenge' is further exacerbated by professional (and a few less professional) resellers who like to cash-in on a trend and buy up lots of stock to sell at a later date.

    However, I, and friends, have bought bought seemingly hard-to-find scarves, a season or even a year after the scarf was launched from H stores. Usually a scarf that is popular in one area is not so popular elsewhere and these then do the rounds. Popular scarves in like cws are even found in sales. So you can be lucky.

    I don't know whether L'ombrelle du Magique is particularly popular in Canada or Europe but I haven't seen lots and lots on this forum (taking the H forum as an average WW sample). So, if you want to buy this scarf later rather than sooner just call a convenient H store when you're ready to buy and have them locate and request one for you. When it's in they will call you and you can pick it up.

    My rule of thumb is: During season usually fine (with rare exceptions) after the season ask for bottom drawer or request, longer than a year, ask, but don't expect.
  3. papertiger thank you so much for your response! it was really helpful! i think the best thing to do is to call the store asap and ask them to locate me one!
  4. Great advice from papertiger.

    layd3K , the US website has L'Ombrelle Magique in pink. If you have a friend in the US who could receive it for you, that might be a way to get one. Good luck!