Question about Hermes scarves and the NYC store

  1. Hi, Ladies who do Hermes :P

    I'm seriously considering buying a Hermes scarf in the 35 inch size. It would be my first Hermes experience (not counting when I tried on my mom's things).
    How much does a scarf retail for? I'm hesitant to just go into the store not having an idea of the price range (I might have to run out in tears if the price is too extravagant:sad: ). I have no trouble going into Louis Vuitton, Gucci or wherever just to browse, but Hermes ... intimidating!
    Also, does anyone know how the SAs are in NYC?
    I tried to go on the Hermes website but was somehow blocked...

    Thank you!!
  2. If you mean the silk scarves they are $325 + tax, cashmere goes up to the $900's. The little squares are $ 100 and the twilly is $ 115(I think)...the same prices as
    If you are a little nervous maybe look at the scarves on line first! I think the SA's are very nice.
  3. All the SA's in NYC are extremely helpful and lovely. I would suggest Lee, Linda, or Bukky but the rest of them are very sweet too.
  4. they are patient, and full of color sugestions! just think about what would you really like, and what colors are in your wardrobe:yes:
  5. I recommend taking another try at HERMÈS™ scarf, tie and fragrance. It is because there are so many patterns & colors. Lots of eye candy in the store. Depending on the day, the store can be crowded and I've felt , sometimes, like I'm taking up too much of the SAs time. It takes awhile to deploy a scarf forf you to see the whole design.

    So, it helps to have an idea of the design motif & color of interest, at least in general categories

    Design types - romantic, floral, modern, military, vintage (the classic look scarves), wacky/offbeat etc

    Colors - girlie pastels, neon brights , fall colors , neutrals , black & white etc

    The web site can really help. Try another computer ! Or look at the designs on Ebay (unfortunately many designs there are no longer available in the store)