Question about hermes dust bag

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  1. Hallo all hermes experts!!!

    THis is my first post in TPF. Nice to see everybody.

    I got a question. See the picture I post, which period did Hermes used this kind of Dust Bag? Because I have not seen it before, Just want to get the answer:nuts:

    thanks ...:graucho:

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  2. Ithought the orange bags were the ones before the current bags.
  3. I think I may have seen these before, on more vintage bags.
  4. I have a dustbag like that for my Barenia Kelly, however it is around 10 years old.
  5. well heres the referal they went through several changes in a very short period of time theese bags were the original and oldest type they lasted for decades and were still used around 2002 -2004 because in that movie le divorce kate hudson draws it open and out comes that divine red croc kelly then the orange ones were made but beacuse of rumors and fears (never confirmed) rubbed off on bags in white and rose drage swift for example so they went for the best the actual dust bags are the same as the lining in the big bags as the bolide or bags like the marwari making them even more expensive for hrmes to make but better for the bags and products this is what i know but i will look into it more and come back hope it helps birkel
  6. The chartreuse Picotin I bought at FSH last Jan had an orange bag, and it DID rub off on the bottom of the bag. Claude at Madison Ave store was able to remove the color while I waited and gave me a new linen dust bag.
  7. india thankyou for confirming i had heard about it but never had it well... confirmed but thats the thing with those dust bags im happy it came off your bag sounds divine i love that shade
  8. beige velveteen was used prior to the orange bags. before that it was a beige felt, and before the felt a loose woven beige similar looking to burlap, but soft.
  9. wow, you guys are really H experts, love this forum, I've learnt so much, thanks a lot.
  10. ^^^ditto thanks for the info
  11. thanks for posting the dustbag info...
  12. I have one of those from the '80s, I think.
  13. i have the same style thick beige velveteen dust bags and i am sure it was from 1998/1999