question about hermes brikin

  1. hi guys, i am new in hermesbrikin bag. i love it and want to get one.
    i heard it have to wait or years to get it. is tha ture?
    how can i order one? do i have to pay deposit?
    when i get it do i pay the price when i order or when i get it?
    and any suggestion for a brikin bag??

    thank you soooo much
    happy V-day!:heart:
  2. Hi Annie0127,
    If you see one on the shelf, it is first come basis usually. There are random Birkins on shelves these days at Hermes boutiques although they aren't very common. Usually only established customers have a chance to order one. I have never been asked for a deposit when ordering. When it is done, Hermes notifies you and you show up, inspect the bag and decide if you want it or not and then pay the full amount. The catch is that if prices have gone up between the time you ordered and when it arrives, you have to pay the new price.

    We have a directory of reputable resellers on this forum. Do a search, as that is a route that many go with instead of waiting at the store. You can also post photos or eBay links of any bag on eBay you are interested in in the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread and we will try to help you make sure you are getting the real thing.

  3. I can't add anything to gazoo's wonderful advice, but I wanted to say Welcome to TPF.
  4. Gazzo is right, frequent your local store if you can, if not, develop a relationship with a SA over small purchases... and you will be well on your way! Good luck!
  5. thanx for all your responds!
    "established customers " means VIP customers?
    it means a need to spend a lot of money on it first?
  6. Hi annie0127,

    Sometimes its a matter of luck. You happened to be in a Hermes store and then someone just happened to cancel their order. It would be available for you to take if you can make up your mind there and then.

    Just bear in mind, Hermes dont have problem selling their bags if someone chooses to cancel their orders. In fact, their bags would fly out of the store the minute they arrived almost!

    Good luck hunting.
  7. ^^^ ditto. I do think sometimes it's a matter of luck. There is a smaller store here, I think, even with Podium orders, there is a list of people that will take the bag if the original buyer decides not to. I've seen a couple of kelly's but never a birkin on the floor. Although, there have been ones in the back when I've asked.
  8. no... i think she means that you need to buy items... like ties, scarves, etc. to develp a relationship with your SA so that he or she is more willing to order a birkin for you... :tup: