Question About Hermes Birkin Bag With Shooting Star

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  1. I have a question for all you Hermes Birkin experts out there. I received an Hermes Birkin that has the shooting star under the stamped Hermes name. I was told that these bags were made for employees. It is not blindstamped in the back. Does anyone have any information they can share with me. Thanks
    HermesBlkBirkin2.jpg HermesBlkBirkin 025.jpg HermesBlkBirkin7.jpg
  2. mayeb you can post this on the hermes thread, i'm sure there's more girls who can help you there...
  3. ^^^ yes, respost it. The shooting stars bags are made by the H craftsmen for themselves. I would love one of these, a bit of a collectors item.....
  4. Hermes will not repair or service them because they are not supposed to be resold.
  5. As above - they're cool from a collector's viewpoint since they are made for personal use by a craftsman, so in theory they should not be re-sold. Because Hermes will not clean/service/repair it, it can be a problem as the bag ages.
  6. Lol this is one of the very few things I know about Hermes bags. I agree with Tweety about it being pretty fun to have since they're not generally available to most "normal" people (i.e. those who aren't the craftsmen). But yeah it wouldn't be a bag I'd use all the time simply for the fact that it can't be repaired should it ever need it.
    But it's definitely a collector's piece!
  7. I've never seen one of these before - so cool!
  8. Interesting fact! Very cool!
  9. Btw, do NOT bring a shooting star bag into the Hermes boutique. They don't like non-employees carrying those ... I know of someone who had a rather embarrassing experience because of it, the person bought it from a reseller who did NOT tell her that shooting star couldn't be refurbished and were only for employees.

    My SA had plenty of "opinions" about shooting star bags being sold to non-employees as well ... Got an earful at one time.
  10. OMG!
    Can u believe that:
    1 of my friend just bought 1 from a very famous reseller shop at knightsbridge, London. She was very happy and said that the SA told her that the shooting star stamp means: it is made by the "top craftsman of the year" and it is only 1 per year.

    I doubled the resell price of this bag as it was much lower than the market value, however, my friend is a VVVIP of Hermes, I thought she knew what she was doing:sad:

    Anyway, thank u so much to contribute the knowledge!!!!!
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