Question about hemming jeans

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  1. Ok need fashion advice please. In an effort to shop my closet I sent a pair of jeans to be repaired by denim therapy. They have a hole in the thigh and the hems are SHREDDED in the back. I asked if they could hem them right up to the damage so I don't lose too much length. They are my all time favorite pair and I think they're a great length now (obviously a little long though since they got ruined in the back like all my other jeans). Little worried about the length but I THINK it should be ok. Anyway bc of the damage they can't do original hems- they would actually look hemmed. All my hemmed jeans have original hems. So... What would you do? Leave it shredded or hem them? thanks!
  2. That's a hard one. I do the original too because I also don't want them to look hemmed and also because there is already alittle distressing on the original in most cases. There was only one pr of really dark Hudson's that I didn't have to have the original one on..(they don't looked hemmed).
    Are they a dark wash or light or ?
  3. they're really faded. they're very old seven for all mankind. i have a pair of trouser citizen which are just hemmed and i don't love it but they sort of work that way. kwim? this is so tough. plus they want 25 dollars which seems high for just hemmed.
  4. Just get them hemmed, it's better than nothing. I never get original hem, I just don't like it for some reason, and I don't think you can really tell on most stuff unless it has some sort of distinguishing hem.

    25 is way too much for hemming though, at least where I live.
  5. i know. i hink it's too much too. they're a denim repair place that has great reviews. i may just have thme fix the tear and have someone else hem them. though i did email to ask about the hemming price.

    thanks for the responses!
  6. Nordies charges $24 now for orginal hem, used to be $14...anyways, you can rough up a pair of non-orginal hems with a piece of fine grit sandpaper...I just did it with a pairof CoH and it looks good.
  7. I've only had to manually distress jean hems a couple of times but a cheap 4-sided cheese grater works wonders.
  8. Have you asked around with different tailors? It seems to me that the tearing alone really wouldn't impede doing an original hem around the non-torn portion . . . .
  9. hmmm...

    thanks guys. i sent them an email asking if they would lower the price and i haven't heard back. i could find a place in the city that's cheaper but it's kind of a hassle and they already have them. good to know i can rough them up myself.
  10. Yes, you can distress the hem yourself. That is what I would do.