Question about heatstamps ...

  1. I'm thinking of buying the damier speedy through Elux. If you buy a bag online, can you go the LV store and get it heatstamped? And if you do, does it cost you money (just because you bought it online)?

    I'm counting down the days I buy my first LV! I'm getting so antsy ...:yahoo:
  2. Heat stamping is free. Not all stores have heat stamping machines though...

    I sent my billfold off to get heat stamped... the heat stamp machine in my store is broken, so they sent it off to the Dallas boutique and is going to take 2-3 weeks!!?!?!? :crybaby:

    As long as the bag is real, there's nothing to worry about. ;)
  3. my sa told me that not all items can be hot this true?? :confused1:
  4. Yeah... not all items can be heat stamped... :sad:
  5. so since I am new to this...Please tell me what heat stamping is?
  6. Louis Vuitton will stamp your initials -- or just one initial (I think they can do up to 4 sometimes?) into the leather of your item. Some people have put it on the straps, others have put it on the leather tab on the bag and others will put it on the inside of the item.

    They have many different fonts and colors!

    You can do a search for heat stamp or hot stamp and lots of threads with pics will come up. Fun to see them all!

    Here is the thread with my agenda -- I went with a gold color:

    I sent mine to the Chicago store. The heat stamping was free, but I had to pay $10 for return shipping to me. They did package it in tissue and a brand new box!
  7. I am contemplating having this done on my luggage tag that hangs from my Lodge....I think it would look great to have a bright color (since it's a MC bag).
  8. I love it when people get their pieces heatstamped! It´s such a personal touch.
  9. $10 return shipping fee? I hope I don't have to pay that... The SA that helped me said it was all free of charge... :shrugs:
  10. They told me that, too, but a few days later they called me and said I had to give them $10 to return it. I gave them my CC number. I guess if I had argued that I was already told it was free, maybe they would've mailed it anyway? I didn't think about that at the time.

    Perhaps each store is different?
  11. Hmmm..

    Well it's just $10, but still. If you're told it's free the first time, then that's the way it should be? :shrugs:
  12. I'm waiting for maybe 2 years to get mine stamped. My initials would change by then. LOL.
  13. I guess I always have, "resale value," on the brain. I want to get it done in my new agenda, but what will happen if I want to resell it later?