Question about heatstamping...

  1. I read here that some people weren't able to have their articles heatstamped coz patina process alredy started. Is that true? I have my luggage tag heatstamped and it was patinated little bit... Now I'm thinking if I can use my fortune keyring coz I'm going to LV after 3 months:shrugs: I dont know, lol

  2. hotstamp is available for all LV pieces that's in good condition, i am sure they can stamp the patinaed vachetta too :smile:
  3. ^ Thank You, lol
  4. I can't really see how patina would affect heat stamping
  5. I just heat stamped a ig tag that's one and a half years old. It's patina isen't very dark yet, but it has gotten the "measles" lightly because of mist and light snow. NO problem heat stamping it.
  6. I can't forsee heatstamping patina a promblem. Just as long as its not all crusty.
  7. I am currently dealing with a similar issue. My bag is 3 months old and I was told that they didn't want to do it becuase when the bag starts to oxidize the color will just peel off. I asked if they could stamp without the color and she didn't know. I really don't understand it, but I didn't question it. The SA that I am dealing with is clueless so I didn't waste my time trying to talk to her.
  8. I asked my SA about this for the luggage tag on my petit noe, she said it didn't matter if I had used the bag and the tag was no longer new.
  9. That's weird... I had a luggage tag heatstamped that has full-blown patina and is over 15 years old.