Question about having a bag repaired at Saks

L etoile

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Jun 9, 2007
Less than two years ago, I bought a Mulberry bag (the Phoebe) from Saks. Recently, the hardware on the bag began turning a different color. Additionally, the front leather flap on the bag looks awful. I've taken great care of this bag (it's my "baby") and never carried it in the rain.

I brought the bag to my local Saks, and the salesgirl said that she could send the bag to be "fixed" but that she could not guarantee that Saks would "fix" the bag for free. She also said that she has no way of estimating the cost before she sends the bag away or what they could do to fix it.

At this point, my bag is sitting at the local Saks because I'm not sure if I should send it to them or just keep it. I've already tried emailing Mulberry, who told me to bring it to Saks. Any advice?
I'm going to bump this up to see if someone can help you. There's supposed to be a great place to send bags to be fixed that either has Barbara in its name, or it is owned by Barbara. ?? They're supposed to do excellent work. Good luck! I know that makes you sick.
It probably depends on the warrenties of that particular bag, how old it is, etc... I just brought my Chanel bag in for repair a few weeks ago. Since I had the SAKS receipt, and it was less than a year old, it is being fixed for free. However, it may take up to 3 months to get it back.