Question about 'hanging' COACH bags to dry

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  1. I'm about to spray my metallic Zoe with applegarde, but I am not sure how to hang it so that I can spray it on all sides at once like BagLady once suggested in another thread :shrugs: Can someone please offer me some advice? I just want to make sure it doesnt rub on anything while it's drying.
  2. I hung my straps on an upside-down hanger hook. It worked well enough.
  3. Ceiling fan?
  4. I hung my julianne on the shower curtain rod...worked great!:tup:
  5. I hang it on a wire hanger while spraying outside, then bring it in to dry somewhere where I can hang it, usually in the laundry room.
  6. I, too, hang it over a hanger (I use plastic, though, just to make sure no marks end up on my bag). I usually spray it outside or at least in a part of the house where no one will be for a while and then hang the hanger on the shower curtain to dry.
  7. I spray everywhere and just hang it on the clothing rod in my closet to dry. I spray my bags in the bathroom with a towel laid out on the floor.
  8. These are all great ways! Thanks everyone!
  9. I always take them outside on my balcony to spray because the fumes are horrible in an enclosed area, not only for people but for pets too!

    The cheapo plastic tube-style hangers work great!
    I drag a chair outside to hang the hanger off of after I am done spraying it so no spray gets onto the chair.
    I leave them outside for about 45 minutes or so to air them out and let the spray dry completely.