question about handle length of new cities

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  1. i went to the balenciaga boutique in NY today and i was deciding between the black GGH city and the black RH city.. the GGH city is a bit too heavy for me, but it sits nicely on my shoulder, while the RH city handles are so snug on my arm, one of the handles falls off... is this a trait of the new cities? or will the handles stretch significantly that it will fit nicely after it has broken in?

    thanks in advance
  2. Hi.. the handles of the City will stretch slightly with prolonged use... but what really happens is the rest of the bag will soften as it breaks in, and that gives you more room between the top of the bag and the handle and it will fit better on your shoulders. That said, I find that Cities, in general, are not the most comfortable bag on the shoulder, unless one has model-thin arms.
  3. thanks for letting me know... i've seen quite a few ladies carrying their cities on their shoulders in the "photos wearing your bbags" forum and was just wondering if the olders cities had longer handles. guess they have model thin arms!
  4. as mich already said, they will stretch and your bag will break in too. my cities fit perfectly over the shoulder even with a jacket. i like carrying my gsh city this way, it's very comfortable and it doesn't feel so heavy. but i have to admit that i have thin arms :biggrin:
  5. I just tried a PT yesterday and it seemed to fit easier than I remembered...I've been away from Balenciaga for quite a while. Does anyone else think this?
  6. I think that handle length of the GH Cities are longer than the RH ones.
    Maybe that's why the GGH City sits better on your shoulder. ;)