Question about "HandBags & Trunks" line coming out!

  1. Hey guys I searched but I couldnt find exactly an idea of what this line is! Does anyone have a description of what it is and maybe pictures? It would really help as right now I have NO CLUE what it is about! THANKS! :smile:
  2. anyone? :flowers:
  3. OK Don't make me BEG please!!!! :crybaby: :sweatdrop:
  4. i believe its actually "Trunks & Bags" like so:


    im hoping they'll make a pouch to match my Tobago shoe bag :yes:
  5. ^^^thats cute!
  6. I agree!
  7. Nice bag;) I wonder when there will be info on this line???

  8. hahaha... you say that because you've got the tan shoe bag too :p
  9. haha the BLUE is stunning:p