Question about Hamilton.

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  1. I'm not overly experienced with Michael Kors's leather and how it holds up. I'm the proud new owner of a Whipped Hamilton and want to take care of her. How well do they do in the rain? Should I not carry her in bad weather? Thanks so much. :smile:
  2. Is that canvas? If it is I'd say to proceed with caution when used in the rain or try to avoid using it in the rain at all. I have a hamilton striped canvas, and I haven't use it in the rain and I'd rather keep it out. Canvas is a durable fabric but you always want to be careful with purses so they have a longer life span. Michael kors sells a rain and stain repellant but it's only for leathers I think (99% sure)
  3. It's the leather version, not sure which type. I'll have to try the stain repellant. I prefer bags I don't have to stress over in bad weather. I have one vachetta leather bag that I pretty much store for that reason. Thanks so much.
  4. Ahh yeah, if it's leather then I'd say just coat it well with the rain and stain repellent and you should be fine. If there is ever a downpour just cover the opening with a bag or sweater, but the bag should be fine. You can just wipe any excess drops when you get somewhere dry. It's nice not having to worry about hurting your bags due to unpredicted weather

    *oh and I am sorry I posted that link here, I put it in the wrong thread
  5. Thank you. I actually got some useful info out of the video so I'm glad you did. :smile: