Question about H retail staff

  1. Is there only one store manager & one assistant manager per boutique? Or can there be more than one? Mind you, my question is directed towards the regular sized locations.

    Additionally, can you place orders through them or is it normally done/preferred through the regular SAs?

    My apologies for sounding really naive but I trully don't know. Maybe they're terribly busy managing the store & shouldn't be bothered?:confused1: :shrugs: I'm just wondering... TIA!
  2. HL, my store only has one manager and one assistant manager, and orders have to placed through the manager, althoughthe assistant mgr can place requests for small things. Mine emailed Paris regarding an agenda for me, but my SO Birkin had to be placed with the store manager.
  3. Oh ok, thanks for the explanation. Btw, good luck w/ finding your dreamy jasmine!
  4. he, he - thanks...btw, what are you ordering.......hmmmmm??
  5. My store also has one manager and one assistant manager. I've never placed an SO, so I can't answer that question, but I've had jewelry, RTW and an agenda (I'm picking it up today!) sent in from other locations. My SA does that for me.

    My impression is that Hermes store managers have more responsibilites than an average retail outlet.
  6. My store is one of the larger ones, so my input may not be of any assistance, but I SO through my SA.
  7. I also SO through my SA....:yes:
  8. I don't SO at all so probably I shouldn't even comment here but it REALLY GETS MY GOAT (so to speak)! My store won't take SO's and it's really like pulling teeth to get them to bring in stuff from other locations. He always says, "Let me look". Then, "nooooooo. It's nowhere at all". And then I go home, call around and FIND the dang thing! :shrugs:
  9. Mine has a director, then an assistant manager, a floor manager, a RTW manager, and an accessory manager. The whole concept of placing an order is still foreign to me.
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    Sorry but the way you put it is so funny!!! But on a serious note, I know what you mean. It is very frustrating. Actually I was told that there're two forms of waiting at my store: an order list and a reservation list. An order list is where they place an order and it's guaranteed to be yours whereas a reservation list is they keep you in mind and perhaps in a few years something may show up and at that time they contact you. I was told I can only order small leather goods and accessories but no bags - not even Evelyne or Bolide
  11. Shopmom, so we cannot special order at our store? Not that I am going to order anything anytime soon, but it is good to know.