Question about H boutiques in Italy

  1. Plans are now formalized for dragging our entire, enormous family to Venice, Florence, the Amalfi Coast, and Naples for a 2 week family reunion.:yahoo: I've never been anywhere in Italy except Rome, so I'm pleased.

    Now for the important part: I know there are H boutiques in Venice, Florence, and Naples. Are there any others I'm missing?

    Which of these have the nicest SAs and the largest amount of stock?

    I know it's not the mothership:sad: but this is as close to H in the EU as I'm going to get for the next 12-18 months. I'd appreciate any advice on offer!

  2. O.K., I have not been, but from the back of the "Le Monde Hermes"...
    there are stores in :
    Varese, and Venice.
    If you see a city on this list you will be passing through, pm me, I will give you the listed phone #, I don't know if they speak english though. You can also go on the site, I think it lists all the addresses!:flowers:
    Your trip sounds wonderful by the way!
  3. Avan, you are absolutely AWESOME!
  4. The store in Venice is tiny but the SAs are spectacularly nice. Ask for whatever you want because space is limited and most of the stock is in the back. I was offered one HAC, one Birkin and 2 Kellys last time I was there. LOVELY PEOPLE!!!!

    The boutique in Florence is in a new location as of a couple of years ago. The art on the ceiling is a must to stare at. The SAs there were more formal and I would not call them polite but I was still offered an exotic Birkin from the back.

    Those are the only 2 I have visited in Italy. Just dress sharp and you should be just fine. BTW, I also had an H watch on and H scarves on each visit and really think that helped as another lady walked in behind me in Venice and asked about Kellys and Birkin and was told they didn't have any. She was dressed nicely but did not have any H items on. Just something I noticed.
  5. I agree with ^^^ I find that in European "H" boutiques in general, it is better to have something Hermes on, they like to see that you are a serious customer, and not just passing time in the store.
  6. Yes, gazoo, the ceiling of the Florence store was amazing! We went to the same stores as you did (Florence, Venice) but both times there's no Birkin bag. I did wear a Hermes jacket on me though, but you know how low profile they are ;)
  7. Great advice, thanks so much!
  8. I live in Naples..Here H boutique is great...SA are very kind!!
    Address is : VIA FILANGIERI, 53/57
    Telephone number is: 0039/081/4207054
    You can call them to ask everything!!
  9. Parma - small no English!