Question about Gucci shoe box

  1. Hello ladies!

    Something is bugging me for the last couple of days so I hope you could clear it up for me.
    I've recently bought a pair of Britt Flat Thong sandals from Gucci cruise collection. But then I've read somewhere that Gucci shoes always come in the black shoe box and mine came in the brown one with gold Gucci letters on it :confused1: ???

    Shoes were bought in the store, so the authenticity is not in question... :shrugs:

    Thnx in advance :smile:
  2. I have 4 gucci shoes and all came in a black box. But if you purchased it from a store, it should be fine. They might have just changed there shoe boxes.
  3. My shoe boxes are usually black, they are all older styles.

    Not to worry, a friend of mine got a Gucci tank top, and it came in a gold box with gold lettering too (purchased in store) So I think they might have just changed the colors
  4. Black box for me as well, but I bought last year. Maybe it's new this year.
  5. if it looks like the box and bag on my pic then it's just fine! I bought a cosmetic bag from gucci in december and they put it in the brown box with the golden letters on it.

  6. Yes, it looks the same :yes:!!

    Thank you girls for your replies :flowers:.
  7. I've bought a couple of pairs of shoes recently and they all came with the new box. The dustbag was changed also.
  8. Agreed. Gucci has new shoe boxes and dust bags.
  9. Lately the Gucci boxes are bronze with golden letters. That's perfectly alright! (2 of my gucci boxes are like that, and about 4 of them are black)

    And the purses are now being stored in a different dust bag.

    It sort of comes and goes. It depends, I guess on the model of what you're buying