Question About Gris Vert Leather Discoloration on Tracy

  1. I posted this in the Tracy thread but wanted the opinions of Chloe Experts who have Gris Vert colored bags.

    My Tracy arrived from the Ft. Lauderdale Neiman Marcus with a weird pinkish spot on the side. It isn't uniform distress... but straight up discoloration. I called the SA today and she said she'd ask her manager about a further discount (it was already really marked down) but assured me that lots of them had something like what I am talking about and it isn't a "defect." It doesn't seem right to me, though.

    Have any of your gris vert colored Chloe bags shown up with or developed over time such a problem?

    My photos aren't capturing it perfectly, but you can notice the almost salmon pink coloration on the right side of the bag. It isn't like this anywhere else. Is this common? chloe.jpg
    chloecolor.jpg chloe3.jpg
  2. It's ok to tell me I am just overreacting too... I just want someone to reassure me that I am being overly fussy or that I am being rightfully selective.
  3. I can see that straight way...:s
    I don't own this bag, but to me it looks like the leather wasn't dyed evenly which is why it's come out patchy.

    I got a great deal on a used whiskey paddy last year, which had some discolouration on the side, and tbh, it doesn't really bother me.

    If you got it for a really great price, i'd try and get used to it.
    But, on the other hand, if it really bothers you, then can you take it back?:heart:
  4. Hi. I have the Tracy and would say you are right to be annoyed, slight differences are ok but pink?