Question about Gretchen...

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  1. So all you slate Gretchen owners, have you ALL had issues with the leather becoming discolored to a brown color? If not, have you treated your bag with any type of protectant? If so, what did you use? Thanks!
  2. Hi there,

    There is an older thread about the Gretchen and Lena color change, I looked for it and gave up.

    I have a Slate Gretchen and have had no problem with color change. I will say some of the problem Gretchens' listed on Ebay once in awhile are horrible looking. But-if you find one without that problem you will love it. The leather is so soft and the color is gorgeous.
  3. Hi ejbfelton,

    Thanks so much for your reply. I read the thread about the color change in the thread that you're referring to, that's how I knew to ask about it in the first place but I just wondered if it had happened to everyone who owned this bag. In any case, I took the plunge today and purchased one off of ebay that looked good according to the pictures and the seller claims that there are no discolorations so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Did you by chance treat your bag with anything?
  4. I saw that Gretchen on Ebay, it looked perfect to me. I'm sure you will be happy with your Kooba in Slate.

    I purchased Wilson's leather care, haven't used it yet. I plan on treating several of the Kooba bags I have.
  5. I really suggest searching the Kooba forum for "Slate" or something along those lines... there have been a lot of threads about discoloration.

    I was scared off by the pics I saw, so I returned my Slate Gretchen and got it in Bark instead. That said, I love the style of the bag! It stays on my shoulder so perfectly.
  6. I just posted about this bag and have sent an email to Kooba about fixing mine. I'm sure the outcome will be positive. ;)