Question about gorgeous blue Suhali Le Fab...

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  1. I'm in love with it, but my bf doesn't like it, haha.... He says it looks way too big in pictures. All you who own it, could you please tell me the size of it? I'm only 5" tall, and I'm wondering if it'd look too big and overpowering on me....
  2. Its not that big IRL. I don't know if it would work on someone 5' tall (i assime you're 5 feet and not 5 inches). But its an amazing bag.
  3. Hahahha... Yes I meant 5' and not 5"!! lol, I didn't realize I typed that.

    I need opinions to make an informed decision.... I'm deciding between that one and the cute pink Chanel cambon tote. :smile:
  4. Well, a lefab would probably be more durable and hold more and be more practical in general. Do you have a LV by where you live to try it on?

    But I say GO FOR IT. The le fab is one of LVs most timeless and subtle bags. Its very classy.
  5. I don't have an LV here in MN. If I buy it, it'd have to without trying it and seeing it beforehand. I have a crapload of pink bags as it's my favorite color but came across pics of the blue le fab yesterday and wondered if I should get a blue bag... since I wear blue jeans a lot, it'd go with them very well and look stylish and classy.

    And I thought that if I do get a blue bag, why shouldn't it be a classy piece like an LV? :smile:

    Does my theory make sense?
  6. I live a couple hours north of the Twin Cities.... but April 21st is when my finals start! Darn it, I'd love to meet fellow bag addicts! :sad:
  7. You could always order it from elux or 1866 and then if it didn;t work, return it.
  8. Le Fab is gorgeous! Try it on and if it looks awkward, go for the blue suhali le tantaleux.
  9. Does anyone know the measurements of it though?
  10. I think the blue le fabuleux is the most beautyfull lv bag there is!
  11. I don't think it would be to big at all!! The measurements are 14 (L) x 8.5 (h) x 5.5-6 (w). This is from memory, but check eluxury to be certain. I love the le fab!!
  12. I love the blue le fab! It is kinda big least it was big on me (5'1). I tried it on last week and that is going to be my next purchase. I didn't really care that it was a little too big because it is just such a pretty bag. I am so in love with it...I don't even know why I didn't get one before.

    LVLover you are so lucky! I wish to have every color Le Fab!!! I would probably trade most of my bags for yours!!! LOL
  13. It's a stunning bag! However, I do think it's a bit boxy for me........:sweatdrop:
  14. I was in the same boat as you a couple months back, ready to buy a Le Fab and wondering about the size. I asked a friend and she suggested to go and try on the bag. I know that you don't have a store close to you but I would really try to see it first. I was in LOVE with this bag but I wouldn't suggest buying it sight unseen, the shape is great, the size may be a factor (it was a deal breaker in my situation) but also the rolled handles were uncomfortable on my shoulders, IMO. It may be different for you but I would highly suggest trying it out first.

    There are tons of great Suhali bags though, I ended up getting the Le Tal because the Le Fab was just too big on me.