Question about going to BalNY in person

  1. I think I'm going to go to BalNY tomorrow for the very first time. For anyone who's been there, I have a couple of questions.

    If I remember right, it's not a storefront, but upstairs in a kind of unmarked building. So, you just buzz and they let you in? (It seems like I remember it being different from a regular store and last time I had looked up the addy, I never screwed up the courage to go in).

    I'm sure I'll go right from work at lunch or something, in jeans. Should I worry that they'll be snooty, or is everyone nice?

    I have this paranoia that I'm going to do something wrong the first time I go to the actual boutique!
  2. Hello!

    I went there for the first time earlier this month and no, they are not snotty at all. :heart: I'd say it was a great experience for me.

    The store is not on a second but on the ground floor.

    Don't forget to give us a report of what they have :graucho:
  3. I find them to be standoffish, but maybe it's just me. They don't have a buzzer, you just walk in. The store is rather sparse, and they generally don't have a lot of bags displayed. Whatever bag you're interested in have them bring out a few to compare leather and color. I didn't do that, and I regret it.
  4. This is very true, they don't have a lot on display so you have to ask them. I wish they have at least a list of what they have in stock instead of asking them whatever you are interested in.
  5. Thanks! I'm primarily looking for small goods - coin purses or similar, since I just ordered a wallet and am trying to start small and work my way up - but I'll definitely try to get a handle on what else they've got and report back! I hope they aren't mean because I just want something little right now (until I've paid off another CC). But I'm definitely going to be a repeater, since I can't get a lot of stuff at Nordstrom (Barbara is my new fave on that one).

    I always have a fantasy of doing the Pretty Woman thing where she comes back the next day and says, "remember me? I was here yesterday and you wouldnt help me? Huge mistake. HUGE."
  6. I don't find them to be mean, maybe just a bit unhelpful. But if you ask for help, they will give it to you. I went in there with my Old Navy jeans and shirt on, and they didn't seem to care. (I spend a lot on bags, not clothes.)
  7. :roflmfao: at that Julia Roberts' quote. When I went there, I (only) bought a coin purse :p. I didn't ask to look for other bbags since I've decided to just get a coin purse but I did looked at the other bbags on display though. Btw, they have the Magenta SGH on display! :heart:
  8. Wow. Definitely not warm and fuzzy. I felt like I was supposed to know exactly what I wanted when I went in - was told they couldn't bring out the coin purses they had because they had too many colors. So I kind of fumbled for, um, I guess red or green or blue?

    The one thing I saw and fell in love iwht was a quilted doctor's bag - it had an extra compartment on the bottom that latched shut. (It's just like one I had at Diesel and took back after two weeks because it broke. Except for the price difference). I know what I"ll be stalking the sales for in a few months.

    Other than that - lots of maybe plomb out (a dark blue but I don't think dark enough to be anthracite), red, bright green. Multicolor bags in blue/white/green and red/something.

    It's just so hard to tell what they have when so little of it is out - and I'm all tactile and visual and want to put my hands on things, or at least see them in person, to see if they grab me. And I was kind of afraid to ask to see other wallets, or other small bags, or anything.

    What I got was the emerald coin purse - they also had the olive and the forest green. Definitely think it's better though to stick with Nordies (rewards and CS and nice people) or Neimans for sales - though the decor of the BalNY store is pretty cool.

    And maybe I just got the wrong SA.
  9. I'm sorry to hear your first BalNY experience! I would feel the same too if that's how they will treat me.

    I usually go to Barney's NY - Madison whenever I have the need to look at different bbags. And its very convenient for me too.
  10. How are the Barney's SAs? I went in to browse the other day and felt nicely left alone (I generally want to look in peace until I'm ready to buy or have a question) but haven't had occasion to really interact with them.
  11. Leo is the "Balenciaga expert" and he is awesome. The first time I went there, a lady SA was there and when I tried to ask her about bbags, she doesn't know a thing about them. But Leo is really helpful and nice. :heart:
  12. I feel like I'm gonna get more hate mail (again) after I say this but here goes....

    I think most people are intimidated when they walk in to Bal NY. I've been there several times, and can't complain of the service I've received. You have to walk in with confidence and not with worry that they are going to treat you badly. I do have to admit, they will not sugar coat anything for you...nor push you to buy/try something on. You have to be specific on what you want....and make it a point that you do WANT something and not merely "looking".

    And every single time I've been there the SAs (whether Terry or Daphne) have brought out other things (style/color) for me to look at (without me asking) because they think I will be interested in them.

    I love it there because it's my way of shopping: I'll ask you when I need help but otherwise I'm fine browsing by myself. I've seen them help new clients who are not familiar with Balenciaga at all. And the SAs have been nothing but accommodating...even coming out of the backroom with two arms full of bags (one of each color City!).

    I don't like Barneys @ Madison...I find them a bit pushy and everytime I touch something they tell me they love it! Plus the way their bags have are stored and handled endlessly.

    Next time I would recommend you to call before coming in and make sure Daphne :yes: is working. She's really great (at least from my experience). I highly recommend Terry:tup: as well...but judging from your posts I think Daphne would be a much better choice for you.
  13. I've been there only once, nobody followed me around or anything like that, which I like, I don't like it when SA's follow you and comment on whatever you touch. So I inspected all the things on display and even asked to see a tabac bag which they brought out with the color swatch samples. They were very nice. They definitely were not there with the salesman attitude, if you want something you get it, that's all. They also have security guards at both doors who looked pretty bored since there is hardly anyone there. It looks more like an art gallery than a store but it is very interesting and "cool."
  14. I like to go to Barney's to browse and try on different styles, but when I'm ready to buy a bag then I usually go to BNY. Most of the SAs at Barney's are not very knowledgable about bbags and like ICB said, the bags have been out on display and handled by tons of people (I've seen bags with pen marks, scratches, etc.). Most of the SAs at BNY are really sweet and helpful, I've only met one that was kind of rude to me (I'm not sure what her name was). Sorry you had a bad experience your first time there. I haven't met Daphne, but Kim is also very nice and I'd highly recommend her.
  15. Thanks everyone! I don't want anyone to think it was terrible, 'cause it wasn't. If it had been I wouldn't have gotten anything at all. It just wasn't anything that made me want to go back - especially since, to me, part of the point of buying there (with their shorter return/exchange only policy, etc) is to be able to really look at all the available colors and see what grabs me. When she said, well, I can't bring them all out (and, jeez, they're COIN PURSES. Not bowling balls) And there isn't really a selection of all the colors out in the bags either - I only saw three colors of the moto bags on display other than black.

    I'm not really sure where I'd go to see what they have and what I want, either, since the Bal web site isn't quite comprehensive.

    So, yeah, not really offended or anything just a little disappointed, 'cause I was hoping to become a regular there.