Question about Glossy sunglasses

  1. I am buying them on eluxury and I was wondering if they are tinted or not? I was planning on buying brown ones but I don't want the lenses to be see-through. Anyone know?
  2. yes they are tinted, but not so tinted that someone couldn't possibly see your eyes through them...

    i would buy them on eBay though.... u might be able get them for around 150 there
  3. things on eBay, are they real? i can never trust them even if they have the serial numbers and the pictures of the tag.. :cursing: how do u know if anything is real? do u have like a special skill to find out??/
  4. Post the ones you are interested in on Authenticate This thread....I got an authentic pair of Dior Glossy 1s for 99$ US off ebay :nuts: !! Lol but if anyone else is considering these sunglasses get them, I havent used any of my other pairs since! Love them, theyre so glamorous:drool: (I think I might even get a second pair!)