Question about global search

  1. Ok, so how does it work exactly? I know that with domestic searches, the SA just punch in the item number and then it'll pull up whatever that's available. After that, they either do charge-send or transfer. how does i work with the global search? I was told that not all H stores are linked up under the same system, especially when they're in different countries. So how does the SA do the search? Also, when they find an item in another country, do they charge-send or do they do interstore transfer/exchange? Last but not least, does the SA get credit for the sale resulting from a global search?
  2. From what I've seen, if the stores are mothership stores they are linked via the computer and it is possible to see inventory in stores from around the world. However, I'm sure you've noticed, whether the other store really has the item or not is another story. I have seen members do charge-sends from international stores, again it depends on your relationship with H. I hear it's a real hassle. I'm not sure what the split is regarding the credit for the sale.
  3. I do not know anything about their computer system and how they are linked. But from personal experience it can be rather manual, and can take days to weeks. Sometimes, a particular item could be available in an international store but the store wishes to try sell that item to its regular customers, and does not wish to give it up. This is particularly so for new items in the season.

    I've had a few items sourced internationally for me. Some successes and some failures.
  4. Same here.
  5. I too was told it is a very "manual" process. My SA said they are happy to do it but you get the feeling it is a major project.
  6. They have a process called "shop emergency" where they put in a worldwide request for an item, which is located by Paris, but as Mrs S mentioned, it is up to the individual store whether they want to surrender the item to another store or not LOL! They generally only do it for good customers.