Question about Gilt Group Shipping

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  1. Hi All, I got an email saying my clothes shipped out on Jan. 6th but I've yet to receive the package. They didn't provide a tracking number. I haven't contacted them yet, but is this typical? Or, am I being too impatient? I'm in CA, if that matters.
  2. I think you can track the package through your account on Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks, that did help! I never clicked on the order number. It's coming today, yay!
  4. I just made me first order with them....they have great merchandise!
  5. Glad you got your package--I LOVE Gilt Groupe! Be careful, it's addicting with all those great deals:graucho:
  6. I looooove shopping on Gilt! Great stuff for great prices for sure!
  7. How do you join the Guilt Groupe?
  8. you have to be invited to join...we're not allowed to give out invites on TPF
  9. look in the Deals & Steals Forum, Vald posted an invite thread at the top.