Question about Gift Vouchers

  1. Ok, I called and found out about the gift voucher. Store credit can be used to purchase gift vouchers, which in turn can be used anywhere in the world and by whoever that has it. However, here's the part I don't understand. They told me that if I use a gift voucher, I still have to pay upfront first and then Hermes Corporate will reimburse me afterwards because I guess they need to verify the credit is valid? Anyone heard of this before? Why would anyone buy gift vouchers if it's going to be such a hassle to use?
  2. Kou, I received a Gift Voucher for Christmas last year, and it didn't need to be verified at all......I just handed it over when I made my purchase (mind you, I had to get out my card to "add" to the gift voucher amount :shame: ). Perhaps if it is over a certain amount they do this? Mine was only for $2000 AUD, which is a lot, but not at Hermes!!!:Push:
  3. In that case maybe I should get 5 gift vouchers each at $2000? Or would it have anything to do with the fact that the store I deal with is not linked up with the rest of the network? I can tell that they were a bit concerned when I asked about gift vouchers because at that point they reassured me that they promise they would place an order for me in February ...
  4. well - they'd just better hurry up, I think! I would be getting a little pissed off if I were you, Kou - I would want a confirmation that my order had been placed, and an approximate arrival date. Even then I would call them regularly! (I'm a bit like that, though!). I can't believe the run-around they've given poor thing!
    If it were me, I would be telling them that February isn't really good enough, and I would like to use my credit elsewhere (and they should organise that) or otherwise they need to make a concerted effort to find your bag from another store.......worldwide!

    Like I said, though, I'm a little "forceful" when it comes to things like this...YOU are the customer, Kou.....don't take their crap! Especially not with that amount of money..even if it IS Hermes who see high purchases all the time. Personally, I think you're being really patient!!
  5. Well, most people purchase gift vouchers with credit cards or checks, and not something like your credit slip. They just want to make sure YOUR store credit slip is valid. You will have to pay up front with a CC, then they will credit your CC account and take your store credit.
  6. That just doesn't seem right to me. It would be different if the store credit were from another store, but it was issued by THAT store and Kou's credit card issuer has long since paid the store for that "impulse purchase." The store is now playing with the float.
  7. Right on, Kristie -- I'm with you. I would be :hysteric: Then again, I have been accused of being a diva (by my friends, mind you) when it comes to being a customer. It is my money, and I expect to be treated properly for it -- even though I don't regularly drop six figures at a time. Shouldn't matter.
  8. I guess they're just checking to make sure they aren't phoney gift vouchers...they're making fake receipts these days, why not gift vouchers? If Hermes was more up-to-date with things, they have electronic gift cards.

    Glad you're "scaring" that store by asking about vouchers - you deserve to have them order you your bag as soon as possible!:biguns:
  9. Makes perfect sense if the credit slip was issued by another store. This store can check its own computer (doesn't even have to be networked....) and insure that the credit was validly issued -- and they can do it immediately.

    They don't want to "exchange" the credit slip for a gift voucher of equal amount that can be used worldwide because the store will lose credit for the sale and the SA will likely lose the commission. But, if that's what the customer wants, that's what the customer should get --- without having to jump through hoops to "spend" the money that she's already spent!!
  10. ^^ This really makes me sick. I almost feel like they get away with this because they are Hermes. No other store would be able to get away with this.

    I don't feel your are being a diva if you start being demanding. You should be able to get a bag now if you can't have your money back. They should search for a bag for you everywhere. I totally agree with Krisite. There comes a point where enough is enough.

    I am with everyone on this one!
  11. Kou, did you ask them if you could use the credit anywhere else?
  12. I totally agree. I would be :hysteric: by now. They need to get you your bag or give you your money back. Enough is enough. Where is your closest Hermes? Want me to come give them :censor: for you? :biguns:
    :heart: :flowers:
  13. Ok, I called again after work. Actually, I checked with several stores and here's what I found out. If your store is located in the U.S. and is linked up with the Hermes database in the U.S., then the gift voucher you get is actually a GIFT CARD. In this case, the gift card can be used NATIONWIDE but it CANNOT be used oversea because the database is not linked worldwide and therefore the scanner oversea will not be able to scan your giftcard.

    Note: Now if Hermes in each country is in a different database, doesn't that mean people can get away with buying multiple Birkins by simply buying them around the world? OMG!! I FOUND A LOOPHOLE!:yahoo:

    Now, if your store is NOT in the same network or database, then you don't get a giftcard. You get a certificate. In this case, you can STILL use your certificate at other store BUT you'll have to pay upfront first. THEN Hermes headquarter will reimburse you after the store that you shopped at verified with the store where you got the certificate that such amount does exist.

    However, this is where things are inconsistent. One SA from the store said that certificate can be used WORLDWIDE because either way, Hermes will have to check so there isn't that issue with the scanner. The OTHER SA from the same store said it CANNOT be used worldwide because of currency conversion issue as the certificate will be in USD and it can be a hassle due to rate fluctuation. She said she'll check with the manager.

    I'm concerned that in having her checking with the manager, they may interpret it as my wanting to back out of the order and thereby i may have inadvertently killed my chance for the order and continue to have the credit stuck ... I was told again that if the order is put in February, it may still take over a year
  14. My gosh... shopping at hermes should come with a big fat "how to" guide...I miss the days (4-5 years ago) when you return to get money back!!!!
  15. Ok, what are the possibility that they'll allow the gift certificate to be used worldwide? i'm not feeling too hopeful about it due to the currency conversion issue ... Since this is a certificate and not a gift card, I can't even imagine people wanting to take that off me if they have to pay up front first at the store and then wait for Hermes to reimburse ...