Question about Gift Receipts

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  1. I got a few Coach gifts from friends for my birthday, do the gift receipts expire?
  2. I'm sure if you give them an explanation of why it took you so long to return (I didn't have a Coach store near where I lived, etc.) they will honor it. They are really good about stuff like that.

    Otherwise, if it's like 5 years old, they will just credit you for the value that the purses actually go for (keep in mind that everything gets marked down repeatedly, so you won't get as much as you would have if it was current.)
  3. When I say I got them for my birthday, my birthday was last week. Lol. I was just wondering if there was a certain expiration date that correlates to when the item was actually purchased.
  4. I don't think there is an expiration date. I wouldn't wait months though.
  5. There is no expiration... AT ALL
  6. My sister who lives like 10 min. from the Coach Outlet in Camarillo, CA says that the Manager there said there is NO EXPIRY date on the gift receipts for returns. I think she said there were no expiry date for ANY Coach item returns. I think that's why we'll see some "older" styles all of a sudden appearing in the Outlets (cuz someone just returned it!). Although, like someone else stated, without the actual Purchase Receipt, you can only get a credit of what the last price that same item was selling for (it may be marked down A LOT) so it'd be better if you had the actual Purchase Receipt so you can get full credit for the actual amount you'd paid.
  7. i bought my legacy agenda from an outlet...since someone had returned it to an outlet that thought it was i am happy they always take returns....
  8. I would think as long as you have the gift receipt, they can tell what was paid for the bag and give you store credit for the amount paid (not the lowest price). I'd just call your closest store to make sure.
  9. Really? I was unaware of this. I thought the gift receipt was tied to the actual transaction so that they knew exactly how much was originally paid. It would seem pretty stupid if the real receipt was worth 100% of the orignally paid price while a gift receipt loses its value despite the no time length return policy that Coach has.

  10. I agree! I am about to return something that I cannot find my "real receipt" for, but I found a the gift receipt.. I better get back the full amount I paid for it! I bought it at the outlet, but that's like 3 hours away so I figured I will be happy for store credit, but only if it is what I paid for it!!!!:sad:
  11. That's what my sister was told by the Coach Outlet Manager but maybe the Manager was just trying to discourage returns perhaps? I'm not sure. :confused1: I, too, thought the gift receipt was also tied to the original paid price/receipt. But I haven't tried to return anything yet with a gift receipt. I will be going to visit my sister this coming Xmas and I'll be returning some of the Coach Factory items I had purchased there the last time I visited so I'll find out then what the returns are exactly. I'll let you know what I find out when I get back. But if someone else encounters this, please fill us in!
  12. MUST have been, that is not the case at full-price stores. I asked today to clarify with the SA. She said they do NOT decline in value.
  13. Thanks for finding out! Boy, I just don't have the best of luck with the Coach SA's anywhere!
  14. No problem. MOST of the time they are extra nice to me . IF you have any trouble when trying to return it if it isn't honored I would hold onto both the item and receipt and call CS.
  15. Thanks so much! I'll do that!