Question about GHD?

  1. Ok so I've always used the hair is long, black, thick and curly, and although the CHI does a great job of straightening the hair, my hair is super dry/fried and it feels like its burning hair off and also it takes away any body from my hair....although I try and get rid of my poofiness from the curls, I don't want it dead flat either from the CHI

    so my dad's visiting tomorrow to do some christmas shopping, should I get a GHD from sephora? And if so, what's the difference between the pink one and the black one (besides $ and color of course)

    thanks!!!!! :angel:
  2. Was the pink one brought out for charity for cancer ... Think that's all there no differnce in what it does.
  3. I would, the GHD is so much better for your hair. It'll definitely help keep it from frying.
  4. You should get the GHD with out a doubt!
  5. The GHD is definitely much better for your hair than the CHI... I know this from my experience with both. Go for the GHD, you won't regret it! :tup:
  6. go for the GHD!! believe it or not, it won't fry your hair, instead it will make it silky smooth. the burnt smell is still there, that's unavoidable, but no fried hair.
  7. i just got the pink GHD!!! I'm so excited to try it hair is wet and curly right now from the rain/snow/hail, so i'll let it air dry and straighten it tonight!

    I'M SO PSYCHED!!!!!!
  8. ^^ let us know what you think!
  9. Congrats!!

    Can't wait to here what you think!:biggrin:
  10. After all these raves I'm thinking GHD is an ESSENTIAL! Ho hum and I thought my CHI was expensive... tPF is really bad for me! :graucho:
  11. the Ghd is great compared to the CHI hands down. i used to use the chi and after i changed to the ghd i noticed a difference of how my hair was alot more smooth and shiny. I wasnt tooo impressed when i first used it but use after use i fall more in love with it.