Question about GG logo/vintage Gucci

  1. Hi - I'm new (and excited about joining)

    I've been looking at vintage Gucci bags online - can anyone tell me if there is a certain way that the GG logo that usually appears on the front of the bag is supposed to go? For example: when there are two Gs, sometimes they face each, sometimes one is upside down. Should that logo ALWAYS be the same?

    Thanks! =)
  2. this is the bag I'm wondering about. Any thoughts on authenticity?
    Vintage gucci.jpg
  3. hmmm, those G's look wrong to me, but I'm no expert (I have a thread on here too, looking for authenticity advice!). Anyone else more familiar w/ the vintage stuff?
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    that page Gracie posted is a great resource- I've used it as well. There is, as you can see, such a huge amount of variation with Gucci over the years so it's hard to tell. Is that a pic from an auction? Can you post the link? It would help.

    I will add: do quiz sellers about lining condition. Some of the synthetic linings they used can crumble into powder after years of storage - not a pretty sight, and renders the bag unusable. Ask to see interior photos. Ask if the finish is rubbing off at all.
  5. Thanks for your help! That website was great - and of course, this bag was pictured as a vintage FAKE! Booooo i'm too impulsive - i've learned my lesson... I already bought it off a vintage website... ugh. never again... :shame:
  6. Actually it's the AUTHENTic Vintage GUcci's that DO flake and fade in the interior real leather it's very common. Any fake vintage i've run across has a vinyl leather "looking" interior which holds up pretty well over time but it's not leather. You can tell for sure by the GUcci italy tag inside you will learn the way it's gold embossed and have serial #'s on almost all items after 1970. Even late 60's early 70's have Gucci Made in italy with a low two digit number below that. The photo of the Gucci on this thread is from 1990's not too vintage to me...and most likely not authentic. I would have to see interior to be sure.
  7. is it possible for the same style of bag with different looking tags (serial number tag)

    ie, one with gold leaf and one without???
  8. Yes get the bag Authenticated on tPF it is the best way to know.. but read the rules first..

  9. i dont have a picture of those bags. i sort of noticed it when i was browsing ebay.
  10. Ah, OK no prob.

    Gucci changed their gucci canvas monogram from one period to the next so it's actually variable as to what the monogram looks like and each bag would have to be compared with contemporay piece. Hope that makes sense :biggrin:
  11. Hi guys.
    Did vintage Gucci bags have a leather lining inside or vinyl lining?