Question about getting a black Nikki

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  1. Hi ladies, I wanted a black Nikki and was thinking about the Noir. I came across this page on Luna Boston and was wondering if this is the new black or an older black nikki (it doesn't look like Noir). I noticed the older style silver hardware, and am just wondering if anyone knows anything about, old, leather texture. Thanks!
  2. I think that is a old school nikki from a long while ago! Noir leather is amazing.. very soft and smooth.. and have is slightly glazed.. (just slightly)..You will love it I am sure! But I believe most noir bags comes with the signature stamped hardware.. in light gold. If you are looking for a old school bag, best to look on ebay and ecrater. Good luck!
  3. ^ Thanks ivysun. I figured it was either a pre-order page or an old page. I will still keep searching for a noir. I think the leather texture is more important than the hardware. Thanks again!
  4. I would take one of each of those bags listed there though!
    There was a Noir Nikki w/ old style silver hw made for the recent sample sales, I snagged one from ebay and it's the perfect black Nikki IMO. Keep an eye out there, I haven't seen another posted recently so it might be about time. Good luck!
  5. RM dropped the prices of Nikkis from before. Interesting. Noir is my favorite black leather of any designer, hands down. IMO.