Question about gauchos:

Sep 7, 2006
Berlin, Germany.
So yes, after a long time of resisting, I've been bitten by the gaucho bug! I think it's very unusual and funky looking....

I wonder if there are any left still, and when they were made? I'm planning on a white or cream one, and prefaribly with 2 straps instead of one. What is the name of that style and color, and of course the price?

Thanks! :heart::yahoo:


Jan 25, 2007
San Francisco
I just got my first Gaucho in medium with one shoulder strap and just love it. They are still made - I got mine on Bluefly after stalking the site for 2 months - a black one finally popped up. The cream one is beautiful. I'm not a gaucho expert but I believe the two strapped Gaucho is a tote and I think they average about $1900 retail.


Nov 14, 2006
this is such a great choice of bag Babydoll Chanel ! when you say two straps do you mean the tote ?
then your best shot price wise would be diabro i guess ... and they declare the value you want so you dont pay customs...

they are from 2006 as far as i remember but they became such a hit that they are being sold all the time since and i dont think they will go on sale anytime soon... :yes:


Camo is LVoe
the Gaucho is just fabulous...especially the yellow one, since I have just bought mine here in H.K. I am here for vacation, and so happy purchasing one at the Harbour City. I got the Medium single. I think the tote is nice too, but i opted for this one instead.


Aug 24, 2006
Love that yellow one, I have the tote in blue (the official name is turquoise), and have been thinking about a yellow. Congrats, that's one beautiful color.


Camo is LVoe
yea thats my question too!! so i know if i have to head back to the dior boutique here in H.K. and request for a return or exchange ...if the leathers are onsale there in the US..ill ask my friend to get me one ..huhuhu...i gotta know ASAP