question about garnets??!!!

  1. Hey all!!! I figured all of you could help me out with this one!

    How much does like deep red garnets cost. I would say between 1 1/2 carats to 3 carats!

    thanks in advance!!!
  2. anyone???
  3. well... i would say it depends where and what kind of setting. do you just want a loose stone or have it set into something?
  4. thanks!! this website helped alot...i was looking for pre-set rings.

    I didnt realize how inexpensive garnet is...i thought it was going to be really expensive.

    If I did want to purchase a loose stone...where would a good place online be to look at.
  5. I've never looked for loose garnet, but I would try to google it or maybe pricescope in the colored gem section has some online retailers to search. For the money, you'd probably do better w/ pre-set jewelry unless you want something custom, IMO.
  6. thanks so much for your help!!!
  7. I'd look at

    There's some good information on there if you don't mind wading through all the posts.

    I casually looked at garnets at the jewelers where I buy most everything. I can't remember the cost of anything, but in comparison to rubies they were a lot less expensive.
  8. Sometimes you can get ideas on prices and styles if you look at Bailey Banks and Biddle's website too.
  9. thanks so much!!!
  10. Don't forget that garnets have many many color shades.. I like the mandarin color ones =) there is also sesspriate (i spelled that so wrong) and thats a orangy/red color.. you will have to look up what color you want and the best shade/quality for that color.
  11. Hello Courtneyh,

    You should be able to find a deep red garnet (1 1/5 - 3 carat) gemstone anywhere between $7-10 depending on the quality.

    Happy shopping.