Question about fuschia hot pink Gucci hobo

  1. Does anyone know if eBay is the only place to find this bag nowdays?

    I am terrible at telling the difference between fakes and real ones but it seems like I only keep finding fake versions of this bag on eBay.

  2. Love love love that bag!

    Sorry, I'm not much of a help :sad:
  3. Yes, eBay is probably the best option, as the bag has not been available in that color for awhile now. Ebay is flooded with fakes of this style though, so please be careful.
  4. Good Luck that is such a nice bag.
  5. I would love to have this bag, but I'm terrified of buying from ebay!
  6. good luck in your hunt!
  7. has anyone seen this bag, an authentic one ever?

    been trying very hard to locate an authentic one since I saw it on Jessica Simpson back in 2004 or so...
  8. [​IMG]


  9. I think about this bag often. I didn't like it at first b/c it wasn't as practical. But now that I have all the practical bags I need I really like it.
  10. sigh it is very pretty.
  11. maybe you should try, but beware some of their bags are fake..
  12. :sad: i want one
  13. Good luck finding that one..........I've never seen it on ebay.
  14. I think most places selling designer items are a risk - your best bet is to contact gucci I say and see if there are any available? Email maybe? It is a fabulous colour...
  15. I had the option to buy this bag, but saw it as impractical, it's very beautiful but goes wth nothing in my careful with ebay, I 'd say 90% of these bags are fake!