Question about fuchsia ostrich

  1. Hi lovelies :heart: I've been offered a 30cm birkin, fuchsia ostrich with PW.. I'm wondering (for those who own this bag) how versatile is it?

    it's my GRAIL bag but now that it's in front of me I don't know if I should go for it.. Between my mom and I, we never had an ostrich.. EVER! she's really paranoid after one of her friends telling her that the handles change colors really easily. how much is an ostrich in retail?

    any modelling pics would be highly appreciated, please enable me :girlsigh:
  2. Hi

    This is my favorite birkin of all the ones I have and I have 9 others. I can wear it with just jeans or I dress it up with a nice black dress. Grab it you won't regret it.
  3. Oops didnt reply fully read too fast. I am really careful with all my birkins but with this one I make sure I have clean hands and no lotion when I carry this bag. I am really new to posting. I would take pictures but I dont know how to post it.
    Good luck
  4. I don't have an ostrich bag, but I have a Bearn wallet in fuchsia ostrich and I think it is the prettiest shade of pink.
    Peanutbabycakes has an ostrich Birkin. You can look for her unveiling thread and also see it in her bag showcase.
    Also, a lot of people wrap the handle/s of their ostrich bag with a twilly to prevent the darkening situation.
  5. you've been offered my grail bag! congrats! i absolutely love the color fuschia in ostrich.

    if you're careful and dont put lotion on your hands when you use the ostrich you should be ok. another way ofcourse is to just wrap the handle with twillies.
  6. you cannot pass it up! ostrich is the BEST. Exotic but understated........colored bags are the safest as well (with regard to the handle issues). the secret trick is to moisturize the whole bag before you use it with meltonian. especially the handles. ostrich is very very absorbant so the more pre-lubricated your handles are the less they can absorb from your hands!
  7. thanks for the advice hermesaholic. now when i eventually get my grail bag I will know what to do :smile:
  8. I truly love this combination
  9. Hermesaholic I never heard about this Meltonian trick before. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.
  10. I say "go for it! ", if you have been wanting it for so long!! It is a gorgeous bag!
  11. fuschia ostrich is my grail bag also. you must must get it!!!
  12. if possible, see it in person. if you love it, get it! also do a search on "ostrich" to get more info on the care/maintenance.

    fuschia is my favorite ostrich color! i hope you get it!
  13. If you love fushia color and it's your grail bag, you should definitely get it. Ostrich is one of the most durable leather and I really love it. Don't worry about getting the handles dirty sweetie, it won't happen easily. This is the modeling picture of mine also in palladium hardware. :smile:

  14. ilovemylife i absolutely looove love love your ensemble! :drool:

    anyone knows how much is ostrich in retail after the price increase?
  15. you will LOVE LOVE LOVE fuschia ostrich! i've worn it dressed up AND down! it's such an eye catcher too! AND it's lightweight! as for the handles darkening, i tied mine with twillies. here's a pic of my 30cm with GH......