Question about Frye boots

  1. I want some short Harness Boots, so I tried the taller ones on @ Nordstrom because they do't carry the shorts.
    I went one whole size smaller than usual and the fit was kind of weird.
    can someone enlighten me as to what to exect fit-wise and if/how/when they 'break in'?

    The SA said they should be slightly hard to get on and then your foot should just 'pop' in. He said they should be snug in the toe but loose in the heel. . . this feels SO weird to me! LOL!

    I usually wear a 7.5 or an 8 so we tried the 7.5s, they slipped so bad it felt like I was walking out of them.
    The 7's fit but the toes were really snug, almost uncomfortable and the heel was still loose :sad:
    What's up? I want these SOOOO bad!:love:

    Fryedaze! Where are you!?:search:
  2. Swanky!! I had the same frustration with Fryes...I tried the shorter ones...I usually wear a 9 1/2 or 10...both I tried the tight in the heel it was painful to get them on and off. I finally gave up and bought the clog looking ones....I love them!!! The boots are just not for my feet! My SIL LOVES them. Sadly since I spend the majority of time in opened toed shoes I just can not make Fryes work! The stiffness just does not work for me! Hope you find some that fit!!! They are so cute!!!
  3. i put foot padding (dr scholls) and heel grippers. they are really big on me, but with all that padding it's like walking in sneakers. hehehehe.
  4. Hmm, good idea!
  5. Great timing! I'm wearing my black Frye harness boots today for the first time since last spring. I have the 12" ones, I don't know if you'd classify those as short or not. I finally bought these early last fall after lusting after them for oh, 20 years or so!

    I had a bit of frustration with these too. I normally wear a size 8 or 8.5. I tried the 8 first, but they were painfully tight in the toes, so I went up to the 8.5. They are indeed snug in the toe and loose in the heel, as your SA said. That felt a little weird at first, but they have broken in nicely and now I can wear them comfortably all day long. The stiff leather gets more flexible after you wear them a while, which helps them conform to your feet better.

    One thing to remember is that these boots are ****kickers! They aren't going to fit like dress boots, so that heel-slipping feeling may just be something you have to get used to. I wear mine with light socks and they're fine. I'd say go with the 8 - you really don't want them to pinch your toes. If you wear them for a while and they still feel huge in the heel, you might slip in some athletic insoles - that's what I have to do with Doc Martens, because my feet are between sizes.
  6. I'm wearing my 8" Frye Harness boots as we speak. I have four pairs of Frye boots and two pairs of mules. They are all sized 1/2 size too large. You're right. You can even go down one full size, but that leaves little room for socks or comfort. By the way, if you are having trouble getting boots on, try the plastic grocery bag method. Slip the bag behind your heel, slip your foot into the boot, and pull out the bag. I find I need to do this with new pull-on boots.

    Frye boots fit like clogs. The heel does not mold to your foot. Consquently, yes, your heel moves up and down. That's just the way they are. It is what it is, IMO.
  7. So the 7's fit okay but were a little loose in the heel but a little too tight in the toes. . . but the 7.5's felt like I was walking out of them, literally. The heel barely left the floor when I walked they slipped so much, but they felt okay in the toes. . .
    what should I do?
    I should go w/ 7.5 and wear thick socks or try an insole?
    You think it's possible to get used to feeling the heel slip up adn down every step?
    Doesn't it make you want to drag your feet?

    Any great place to score these at a great price?
  8. Sorry, yes, I meant the 7.5 and not the 8. They will slip less once they have worn in a bit, but if you're really uncomfortable you could try heavier socks or an insole.

    I did a bunch of research before I bought mine, and the prices are about the same everywhere. I did see the mules on sale at Parisian a couple of weeks ago. Zappos always has a pretty good selection IME. Amazon currently has $20 off on all shoes and apparel.
  9. My campus boots fit amazingly well.
    I'm usually a 6.5 and my husband bought me a 7, I'm GLAD they fit! If they hadn't he may have been too scared to buy me more shoes ;)

    I have a few pairs of harness boots here too (but I'm selling them on eBay) because they fit really weird.
    I have a 5.5 and a 6, and the 5.5 feels more roomy.
    VERY strange. I suppose I lucked out with the Campus boots?!
  10. What's Campus? A brand or Frye style?
  11. yes campus is a frye style. i have the harness ones in red and brown. both size 5.5 and i wear a 5 normally, so you can imagine how huge they are but i'm determined! LOL. but the dr scholls memory foam pads and heel grippers really work for me. they don't slip up as much.

    oh and Shopbop has frye's on sale so hurry and look before they're gone!
  12. oooh, RED!?:heart: going to look now!

    You have teeny little Princess feet Fayden!
  13. I have a pair of campus boots too, I ordered half a size down and still have to wear pretty thick socks with them, but they get so comfortable once they form to your feet. I'd anticipate having to wear some thicker socks with them for comfort for awhile, I wouldn't buy a pair that was too small to allow you to do that. My only complaint has been that my pair is SO prone to color transfer from jeans, I have blue rubs on them that I have to work out with saddle soap. I got banana though, a really light color. I'd like to get another pair in a darker brown, they should hold up better.
  14. I love the way the harness boots look, but I could not get a size that felt good on my feet, they were either too big or too small. I ended up buying the Campus style in saddle brown which I love! I can't imagine them ever wearing out, they are bullet proof! Frye definitely makes sturdy, quality boots!
  15. I had 15" Frye Campus boots in...(counting back...)...1975! I was a kid and never thought my mom would go for it, but she got them for both me and my sister. I loved them!

    Fayden, now that you mentioned red harness boots, I'm intrigued! I just found them on Zappos...gorgeous! They look sort of antiqued, are these the ones you have?