Question About Friends

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  1. I did search around, maybe the answer is somewhere but I didn't find it-

    I don't understand the Friends feature - I have beenrequested and have added friends, but I never know when someone has left me a message? Is there a notification?
    One time someone sent me a message and because I don't go to the friends page often, I didn't see it for 2 weeks. I felt bad, like I was being rude.

    Now, when I go there, I see my friends, but I can't see, for example the message a friend left me that I just mentioned. I see other discissions among my friends, ,but not the one to me.

    Am I supposed to be able to see myself on the Friends page? I htought thta maybe I can see who wrote me that way - I am completely confused. Is there a tutorial on tpf on how to use this feature?

    (sorry if this is a duplicated question) - point me oto the link if it is...


    -Oh, I did discover how to find 'mysekf' there and thus see messages. But why is there a "break Friendship" link to the right of my name and avatar, but not across from any of my friend's names and avatar?
  2. clik on your name and then View Public Profile then I see some some massage - did this help you ??
  3. -OK, I'll try - thanks!
  4. when people leave me profile messages it shows up at the top of the page exactly like it does when I get a PM. Right now mine says Unread:0
    but when I have a message it says Unread:1
  5. OK thanks, that answers most of my questions - but, why is there the "Break Friendship" click-on to the right of my name, but not next to any of my friends? What does it mean?
  6. click on it, it'll probably prompt you to choose anyone you want to remove.
  7. Not that I'm planning on doing this but I've always wondered. If you "break" a friendship with someone, do they get notification that "so and so has terminated their friendship" with them? That would be kinda mortifying.
  8. ^Nope, they're not notified BUT, you can tell when someone isn't your friend anymore; the little box on your friends list that says "friend" isn't checked.
  9. ^Thanks LVbabydoll!
    So it's like being "phased out" of a friendship as opposed to being blatantly dumped:sweatdrop:
  10. You're welcome! And lol that's a good way to put it. :P