Question about french purse

  1. I wanna know how practical is the french purse? :flowers:
  2. i love mine!!! i have the framboise, which is only 4 cc slots, but it's great.
    there's a space for dollars, space for paper, holds cc's, and of course, coins. Great all in one wallet :tup:
  3. I've tried them in the store, and honestly they're pretty tough for me to open.
  4. I just wonder how hard to get money out of the note compartment :confused1:
  5. That was my first LV wallet back in the day!! Card pocket...receipt pockets...coin pocket...It was an ideal wallet without being too big. I used that thing for about 15 years and when I sold it, it was still in good condition. I can only say great things about that wallet!!
  6. I tried one in the store and it was really hard to open
  7. Mabye the Vernis is hard to open (like the bedford bag or the cles) but the Monogram was completely normal. It was never an issue for me. Are you looking for a Vernis? If not, the monogram is as normal as normal gets.
  8. My dear...its bigger LV! lol. Seriously, I've always had a french purse-theres so much room for stuff-$, pics,credit cards, change. you can put your checkbookand pen in some. I keep business cards, grocery store cards,AAA, etc in the compartment behind the credit card just lets you store a lot of small stuff that you need but don't want floating in the bottom of your bag!
  9. I think it is one of the most practical wallets that LV makes! It is beautiful and elegant, but it is useful too. It holds just enough credit cards, it holds bills, and coins!
  10. I just went to the store this morning. I was surprise that the New French purse come in 8 cc and look better. I eyeing on the vernis red but still consider between this and Bottega wallet.
  11. i have a damier azur french purse and love it. don't have any problems at all getting notes out of the note compartment. initially it was a little difficult opening the coin compartment - but what i do now is put my thumb on both the clasps at the same time and push one away from the other. that way it doesn't hurt my nails at all. vernis red would be hot in a french purse!
  12. I'm not a fan of the wallet as I don't like the long compartment for bills, the one behind the credit card slots, because it is so deep. American cash doesn't fit inside the wallet (in the smaller compartments) without being folded. It's a beautiful wallet, just a pain to use for me.

  13. The Azur French purse is exactly what I want :graucho:
  14. 15 Yrs???? :nuts:
  15. Well thats one of the wonderful things about LV..It lasts and lasts. I mean it was still very usable...I had others that I would switch with but that was my first LV wallet and I loved & used it alot. When I sold it last year I got a little over $100.00 for it and I showed every single flaw it had. The girl was so excited she said it was so much nicer than she thought it would be because I focused so much on the flaws. Now someone else is loving it!! Go figure