Question about foresta print...


Foresta print for a 10 year old boy?

  1. Yes!!!

  2. Definitely not.

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  1. Hi! Just wanted to ask for your opinions. DO you think I can buy a bag with foresta print for my 10 yr old boy? Or is it too girly for boys? If so, what style? Thanks!
  2. I just don't know. I have an 11-year-old son. Does he like Tokidoki and wants a bag? Then if so get it for him. But if you are not sure he is into Tokidoki it could end up being a bad idea because he may think it is too girly or he is too old for that. I'm thinking if he were 5-8 years old or something fine. It looks cute as a backpack.
  3. My son saw the foresta print and he likes it and was like, can you buy me a backpack? His friends are into animal crossing and some cartoons that look the same so that's why he likes it! But I'm just not too sure because I haven't heard of any guy using tokidoki bags....
  4. My boyfriend is 27 years old... and he wants an adios star denaro and a nuvola :p

    And he loves foresta...
  5. So he likes the print, great! I think in the scoula which is the backpack style will look most appropriate for him since he will be using it as his school bag. I say go for it!
  6. If he likes the style, then I think he'd be fine.
  7. Wow! First time I've heard of this! I just realized, it would be nice to see pics of men carrying these prints around!:yes:

    The backpacks do seem like they can also be for guys.

  8. I say yes . The scuola would be the best. My son is 11 and he said he wants a tokidoki bag and my DH said forget it kid.

  9. Here, in Mexico, I've seen some guys wearing the backpacks, but they're fashion designers and fashion lovers.
  10. Why did DH say forget it? Now I'm dreading telling my DH about it!;)
  11. If he likes it, get it for him! I don't think there is anything "girly" about Foresta - and even if there was, so what! Everyone should wear whatever they like without silly, arbitrary restrictions based solely on gender. Foresta also happens to be my husband's favorite print. :smile:
  12. The thought of his son wanting a purse made him :nuts: :censor: . I don't know how your husband will feel.
  13. It's a backpack, not a purse...
  14. I say get it for BF :heart: :heart: :heart: 's tokidoki. My BF carries the angioletto and we call it a man purse...he just bought the cucciolo (diaper bag) in the pirata print for his laptop bag, he has a bunch of caramellas to keep his vitamins in for the day and I just bought him the bag he's wanted ever since we met Simone. It's a playground print andiamo bag...Simone was carrying one at a signing we went to and my bf went crazy for it...had to have it and I finally was able to score one and I'm giving it to him for his birthday!! I think if your son wants it and he'll use it, it's not an issue!! And I don't think Foresta is girly at all!!!
  15. I know that and you know that but my DH doesn't look at it like that.