Question about foreign Hermes boutiques

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  1. If I make the purchase there, are they able to ship the merchandise either directly to my home or local boutique? I'm just wondering because we plan to visit 4 different countries and three of them have boutiques. Silly me is imagining "worst case scenario".:lol:

    If not, and should it rain birkins/kellys :angel: , I guess there's always Fed-ex. Tia!
  2. if the boutique knows you they do so but if not "it is not our responibility madame" was the response
  3. I purchased a birkin from paris boutique.. my sister was there, made the payment and she asked them to ship it to me directly ( to dubai). They deducted the tax, around 10%, and shipped it to me via DHL. :yes:
  4. thank you, ladies...:flowers:
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