Question about fobs/keychains

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  1. So I feel like my bags are naked without a little bit of decoration so each of my purses has one or two fobs that I picked just for that purse. My questions are, do you switch out and rotate your fobs....or do you have one fob that stays with one purse ? Secondly do you remove the fobs before you store your bags in the dust bag ? TIA :smile:
  2. I have one fob/charm and scarf for each bag. They stay on that bag as long as I have the bag. I leave the fob/charm and scarf on the bag. Sometimes, I wrap the fob/charm in tissue paper before I put the bag in it's dust bag/sleeper.
  3. I have a fob on some bags and they stay with that bag, I don't like scarves so that's all I put, and I do store the bags with the fobs but not in dustbags. I like to see my bags when I pick one and dust bags don't help.
  4. I change them out often, usually to suit my moods (which are also ever-changing haha)
    I don't have any rule when it comes to "only this fob for that bag" but I don't mix metals. (meaning if the bag has brass hardware, the fob has to have brass as well)
    Meanwhile, I wear silver jewelry... But whatever.
    I store them in their little dustbags. It's a pain, but fun to go thru the pile.
  5. My coach fob fits perfectly on my little tb crossbody bag. It cannot be taken out anymore as it would scratch te metal, so i just leave it there. I try to have different fob for each bag to personalize them completely!