Question about Florentine Satchel

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  1. Hi All,
    I am new here.
    I posted another thread that I am trying to decide on a new black bag for every day.
    The D&B Florentine Small Satchel is one of my choices (my other choice is a Coach Madison Hobo).
    I have been doing some reading here and now I am a little worried that maybe the Florentine leather is too delicate for everyday use?
    What is your opinion?
    And, since I am planning to get it still a concern??
    Any and all input appreciated!!
    Thx :smile:
  2. The black florentine is a beautiful bag and you will love it I'm sure. It will not show scratches easily. I don't have the Madison, but I think Sarah does. Hopefully she will chime in. Some of the lighter Florentines have an issues with scratches, but IMO you can't go wrong with a black florentine Dooney
  3. Those are two very different bags! First, do you think you'd like the hobo style best or does a satchel better suit you better? The black florentine leather will not be a problem as it will not show scratches like the lighter colors. The Madison Hobo is lighter weight and softer leather. Either will be a good choice for a classic, gorgeous handbag.