Question about First Gen OP

  1. Hey! I just got my first generation OP bella in the mail, and I'm questioning a few things on the bag.

    First of all, the zipper pulls on mine are silver, the the rest of the hardware is green. I thought that it was all supposed to be green...? Maybe the seller got the bag fixed and didn't tell me...?

    Also, the zipper colors are more muted than the usual colors you see on the other toki bags... They definitely aren't as bright - but they don't look as if they've been worn down or anything... just that they're a couple shades darker.

    Other than these two things, the bag looks real to me... I'm just worried about these little details =/ Thanksss~
  2. The Zipper colors faded on my OP bambino and denaro too over time. As for the hardware, the zipper pulls should def. be green. The 2nd gen OP has silver zipper pulls, but all of the hardware is also silver on 2nd gen...if your other hardware is green/blue, it sounds like they replaced the zipper pulls on your bella. Does it look bad?
  3. Does it still say "riri" on the underside of the zipper pull?
  4. oh oh - that surely does not sound right... the zipper pulls are definitely green.
    When you say the rest of the hardware, what do you mean?
    How bout the rings that link the strap to the bag?
    Those are supposed to be blue.
    Maybe you should post some photos so we can help you inspect...
  5. That was going to be my question.
    The best way to tell a fake from the real thing (IMO) is the 'riri' factor.
    Also, I never heard of a second gen Bella. Per tdblog&thispost there never was one.
  6. Yeah, I wasn't sure if they had done 2nd gen in Bella. I didn't remember seeing one...
  7. I just checked the undersides of the zippers and they all say "riri", which is a relief. My guess is that the owner got them replaced after awhile... since all of the rivets and metal pieces are green. I'm very annoyed right now... I e-mailed the seller about this, but the bag is completely different than the one pictured on eBay - the zipper pulls there are green. The print placement is completely different, too... and the bag has stains and dirt marks on it, even though it was advertised NWOT :sad: Hopefully something can be sorted out...
  8. Aaaahhh, I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully the seller responds quickly. Maybe they can offer a partial refund if you're willing to still keep the bag; otherwise, hopefully they will not give you a hassle about returning it. Good Luck and keep us posted!
  9. That's so unfair of her to be doing that... using one photo per... and if I had known that the bag I would be receiving would be mutated (IE... silver zipper pulls and green everything else :p) I wouldn't have bidded at all. I'm constantly checking my e-mail to see if she's responded...

    It makes me really sad, because I was so excited to get a 1st Gen OP for a great deal, but then it turned out not to be exactly as true as I thought it'd be :sad:
  10. how strange. i don't think you should take this one lying down. the seller seems deliberately deceptive.
  11. I sent her a pretty stern e-mail about my concerns about the bag... so hopefully she'll get back to me with some solutions. Otherwise, I'll leave her negative feedback.
  12. haha to assuage my disappointment, I just did a BIN of $128 for a 1st Gen OP bella bella :p hahaha~
  13. ohh lol i think i know which one you're talking about.. i sent the seller a message telling her she probably underpriced it :p no meomi, right?
  14. Great job! I got mine for $128.50 (+shipping) @auction.
    Sorry about the Bella, but BBs are better anyway! :biggrin: