Question about Fendi Spy Bags

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  1. Hi all! I don't own any Fendi bags, therefore, I have no knowledge of the Spy bags. I was browsing on the internet and found a couple but am a little confused. I saw some that were 17", some that were 16" and others that were 13". What size do they come in?
  2. Hi, inquiring if anyone could explain to me the texture of the authentic lining of the fendi spy bag thanks...
  3. I've seen that different websites (Saks, Neiman) show different sizes for the spys, as well as the different types of spys (denim, metallic, wisteria). In real life they're all about the same, and the width/dimensions change according to how much is in the bag. So the regular colors (all leather) are approx. Check out the sizes on the two sites I mentioned. I was going to copy paste them here but it was getting a little complicated! I would suggest going to a boutique or store that carries them and trying one on, that's the best way -in fact I didn't fully appreciate them while browsing in the store, I had to buy one and take it home to fall in love.

    I have three spys of different types, one is all denim and it appears a little smaller than the all leather and also seems to be lighter to carry. One is zucca/nappa which is the FF canvas with leather on the sides, and the size of that appears to be smaller than the other two, also lighter than all leather. Maybe because I stuffed them differently, and the sizes I'm not sure, this is just what I *saw*. I love them all:heart:

    What kind of spy were you looking for?
    **there are also baby spys which are smaller and have a different design
  4. The texture is rough to the touch. If you have a leather one, if you rub the leather together from the outside (or rub the canvas from the inside towards the leather on the outside) you should feel another canvas, not leather. This is because they line the inside with canvas while many fakes do not, so for a fake you would feel leather on canvas.

    Hope that helps can read about more tips to identify fakes throughout this forum or some of the "identifying fakes" guides on eBay.:smile:

    Pic1: real canvas, leather, and tortuga
    Pic 2: fake canvas, leather, and tortuga
    zucca 006 (Large).jpg fake.JPG
  5. Also they used to make a larger size before but now there is just one (general) size and the *babys*. My signature pic shows the three different types I mentioned..they all look about the same. Litigatrix has a list of pretty much all the spys made and has a picture of the original bigger spy vs the new ones:
  6. In a post by baglady in the "Show your Baby Spys" thread, she shows the 3 sizes above. Hope this helps.

  7. Thank you so much! I'm not really looking for one at the moment but after reading everyone's post, I decided to look at a couple. You've been really helpful! =)
  8. No prob! Hope you get one (or more..soon!);)