Question about Fendi compilation bag

  1. I hope someone can help me. Does anyone know if the lining should be black or beige and if there should be a keyhole? Thanks!
  2. Some of the compilation bags had keys but not all. But I see that you have a key with no key hole!? I am not sure about the lining, some have beige and some have black. Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks for your help! Yes, for some reason there is a key but no keyhole!
  4. Hmm I think lining should be black - I have a similar one and it was the brown F' logos and the lining was beige.
    Sorry if thats not much help!
  5. I'm not sure but I believe the larger compilations have the keyholes. I think the lining on this one should be black.
  6. thanks all for your help!
  7. Shouldn't the vertical Fendi logo on the side of the double F's be facing down?
  8. Mine is brown leather w/keyhole, inside lining is the same color as the leather.
  9. hi, does anyone know how I can purchase an authentic fendi complilation clutch bag in either gold or silver. Please help me

    u can e-mail me @

  10. If you are trying to figure out if it is real, then we have an authentification thread at the top of this FENDI forum for such information. :nuts: