Question about feet on the Bolide


Satans Little Helper
Dec 16, 2006
Hi all,

I'm picking out my next H bag (the one after my soon-to-be-ordered Massai :heart: ) and I've been looking at Bolides.

I don't know if this is a stupid question, but most Bolides seem to have five feet on the underside, one at each corner, and one in the middle. A PF-recommended reseller has an absolutely gorgeous Bolide, exactly what I would want, but she states there are four feet on the underside, no picture. The bag shown is in beautiful condition and is a few years old.

Is four feet vs. five feet a standard variation, or does this indicate there's a problem with the bag, either the bag is damaged or it's fake?

I would love to hear what the experts have to say on this too. Does it have to do with the size of the bag? Smaller bags only have four? Some LV bags are like this.
That had been my initial first thought, that it had to do with size of the bag.

The bag offered by the internet seller is a 31 cm, with four feet. There are at least 3 Bolides in the 31 cm size offered on ebay by reputable sellers with a long history of selling H goods, and all of them have 5 feet.

I wondered if it was an age thing? Maybe earlier bags have fewer feet?

Or could it be due to leather choice? Box leather, being stiffer, needs only 4 feet, while the softer leathers need 5 feet for support?
Why not try your luck at the Hermes store? They usually have lots of bolides available and you can be sure that it's the genuine article plus you get a thrill of carrying the orange bag out of the store? It will also give you brownie points with the SA should you decide to get a birkin next
I think I'm going to do both of the above. I'd like to ask the reseller, because now I'm really curious about the differences.

My DH says if I divide the price difference by the number of days I'll actually carry the bag, I can decide if it's really worth the extra few pennies I save by buying somewhere else. He tends to think it's worth the extra money to go and buy from the store, as KG suggests.
Hi KB,

With the addition of tax, a Bolide would be approximately $1400.00 more at the H boutique. That price will certainly go higher, since I'll wait until after I've got my rouge H Massai in hand before buying a second bag.

Whenever I'm asked about antiques, I always recommend that new collectors buy from established, knowledgeable sources, even though the prices are higher, since they will KNOW without a doubt that the object is what it ought to be. You all are giving me back the same advice, and I think I'd be a fool to ignore it.

H boutique it is!
another strong strong vote for going straight to the source. every bolide i've seen has had 5 feet, including 31s. and i would say that confidence in the purchase and the very pleasant experience is worth $1400 IF that amount of money won't break you. the boutique is so deliciously decadent and for an item like this, if the purchase is pleasant and memorable, it really adds to the charm of the object.
You're all very helpful. What I had thought initially was a minor variation is starting to sound like a major problem. I think this forum has kept me from an expensive and disappointing mistake. Thanks for being so generous with your information.

I agree totally, HiHeels. The boutique is so "deliciously decadent" that I really can't go wrong starting and ending there.