Question about Feedback

  1. Can a non-paying buyer leave you negative feedback? Thank you!
  2. if it has been 7 days since the end of your auction adn you filed a NON PAYING BIDDER alert/report and they didn't respond by their deadline, then no, they can't.
    But if you didn't do all of that first, or if they respond to the NPB report then yes, they can.
  3. Agreed. :tup:
  4. Yep, it's happened to me. But, I have to add to this -- the buyer CAN leave you a comment and it will remain on your feedback -- but eBay will remove the rating and it will not affect your overall score.

    Here's what mine looks like (Mods, I figured it was OK to put this person's ID in because they are no longer a registered user, please remove if inappropriate):

    You sold the bag to someone else an left me a negative strike.Buyer: wole4045 ( -1 )
    Apr-18-07 13:14
    • Reply by me (Apr-19-07 07:59):

      Buyer never paid after multiple requests for pymt; sold to 2nd chance bidder.
      • Rating withdrawn by eBay
        Buyer didn't respond to the Unpaid item notification for this transaction. Learn more.
  5. I have a new question -- what if a buyer doesn't pay but DOES respond to the dispute? I'm in this situation now. Can they leave you negative feedback even if you've closed the dispute?
  6. yup, sucks but they can and eBay wont remove it
  7. ^ OK, that's insane. I sold 3 items and my non-paying bidder responded to 2 out of the 3 NPB alerts. His stories are incredible. I would love to just tear him apart but I'm a wuss because I don't want to "ruin" my 100% positive feedback. Oh, what's a girl to do?
  8. give him neg fb

    this is why we dont know about awful sellers and buyers, people are afraid to leave neg fb.

    if someone screws you, neg them, if they neg you back, respond to it saying 'retaliatory fb, etc etc etc'

    I always neg when people screw me and I have a 99.5% pos fb with over 500 fbs left

    it's okay to not have 100% pos fb
  9. I totally agree with court811. We shouldn't be held as hostage by negative feedbacks. That is all the feedbacks system is for. When I have questions about sellers' past negtive feedbacks, I always email them for further details. You can "feel" how honest and sincere from their replies. Also, the responds of feedbacks from the sellers are important. You can see part of seller's "personality" from there.
  10. This is what I'm dealing with now, all misspellings are his:

    First I'm a respected buyer and seller here locally on our south african auction website called here you can clearlly see my outstanding payment rating.

    Yes it is a problem trying to buy something from Ebay from South Africa and trying to do a payment. I've attached a notice from paypal saying why the transfur did not go through.

    I've allready made a money order at our local post office in your name of which I only have a invoice number as a reference.

    I still want to have these items since these are items I do not have the luxury of buying here in a third world country.

    Again... like I said this weekend I'm going into town to do a check on what is happening consirning the allready $72.00 I've allready paid...
    If you want to wait you are more than welcome...

    Or you can follow through with your standing demands...

    Good Luck