Question about false lash adhesive

  1. I am venturing into the world of false lashes for the first time and I've just ordered two pairs of Ardell lashes. I'm unsure about which adhesive to purchase. Can anyone recommend a good one? I have heard that Duo is good but I've also heard some horror stories because it contains latex and also apparently formaldehyde. What about the Revlon one? I've heard that this is good as it's latex free but I've also heard it's very messy and hard to remove from the false lashes. Any advice would be much appreciated. TIA.
  2. I use DUO Clear and have no problems. For how rarely I wear lashes (once/month at most) I don't bother re-using.
  3. Thanks. I'm just worried about having a reaction. The ingredients don't sound good and I heard about some people whose eyes got itchy and swelled up, and someone even lost real eyelashes, after using Duo!

    Can anyone tell me about Revlon adhesive?
  4. I use the revlon adhesive, I prefer it in black. It's pretty easy to use but is definitely on the thin side. I have pretty sensitive skin and have never had a reaction to it
  5. Do you have find that it's a bit messy and is it difficult to remove the traces of glue from the false lashes after you have taken the lashes off?
  6. I definitely don't think it's messy. It has a very precise brush applicator and that makes it easy to control exactly how much you're putting on.

    To be honest, I tend to wear lashes on club nights so when I remove them I'm pretty much ripping them off before collapsing into bed, it's gentle enough that I've never lost lashes to this behavior and I've lost plenty to the duo adhesive.

    If you put a thick enough strip of adhesive on the lash strip then it's pretty easy to peel it off with tweezers, if you've been sparing then its definitely more time consuming
  7. I use due, both the waterproof and the normal clear one :smile: The waterproof comes in black and is good to avoid white lumps if you are unco. To remove them, I suggest to use some oil based makeup remover on a cotton pad and wipe in a downward motion with your eyes closed. Repeat this and it should gently lift off. (this avoids pulling our your lashes and hurting your eyelids, that being said I usually just pull them off)
  8. I use falsies at least 3 times a week. DUO is really good however I developed allergies to it from the latex. I had to stop using it and I did find a brand that's latex free unfortunately its a canadian brand. Madamemadelline website sells tonnes of glue.
  9. Duo is the best I have ever used :smile:
  10. ooh, what brand is this?
  11. I am a fan of Shu Uemura's lash glue.
  12. Hey it's lise watier. I got mine at shoppers drug mart. They were 3 dollars. It comes in a little plastic bag and it has 2 mini bottles. The packaging is really annoying but I would rather deal with that than a swollen eye.
  13. I had no idea LW had lash glue! Thank you! I was a little worried you were going to suggest Quo; I had horrible luck with theirs! :p
  14. The glue is not something that they have out on display so you have to ask the SA for it. I use it for strip lashes. If you decide to get it, when you apply don't put too much on the lashes but focus on the ends. Also, don't wait till it's tacky because this dries quickly and you will have a hard time sliding the lashes.
  15. i've always used the revlon adhesive, since i'm allergic to latex. the applicator is a little brush tip, so it's easy to apply to the lashes. it works well, i like it :smile: i've always ordered it online though, i haven't found it in stores.